My 101 in 1001 Challenge 20% Update

As predicted the first 10% was a lot easier to accomplish than the next, particularly when 2018 has been a disaster on the challenge front as well as the blogging front.

I am now ready with my next update for my 101in1001, I have finally reached 20%.

You can read my complete list of things to try and accomplish before July 2020 here. here.

Have a day out with Charlie #2

It is to my shame that the challenges to spend a day with each of my Children didn’t get done the in my first 101 challenges, very determined to do so now. Read about the marvellous day that Charlie and I had here

Have a day out with Dominic #3

An unexpected day free meant I could finally schedule a day with Dominic, we had a great time in London on a walking tour, read about it here.

Make and ice a Christmas Cake #22

I had never made a Christmas Cake before, but I enjoyed it so much I think this will be a part of Christmas preparations to come. Read how I got on here

Go to a Dance Class #32

I haven’t just been to one dance class, I have been to several. Read how I am turning into the next Ginger Rogers.

Do a Car Boot Sale #47

Seller extraordinaire!, Never going to make our fortune but we really enjoyed our first car boot sale. Read more here

Take part in 100 Happy Days #67

Despite being at the hospital for the latter half of the challenge, which made the challenge much harder obviously. I was very happy to complete it

Days 1-20, Days 21-40, Days 41-60, Days 61-80, Days 81-100

Go to the Theatre with Sophie #74

Cannot believe this nearly didn’t happen, after planning the day, Sophie getting a babysitter and tickets organised, I had the day from hell. I nearly didn’t go but managed it in the end and the result was seeing one of my favourite people (Sophie) and seeing a five star show – Everybody’s talking about Jamie – review here

Go on an organised tour of a town or city #80

The Get Your Guide Harry Potter Walking tour was a great way to see magical London. Highly recommended. Read about it here.

Dance in the Rain #89

Probably my most embarrassing post on the website yet!!! After a few scorching weeks we had a bit of a boogie – it was really tough putting the video online

Picnic by the River #95

What a wonderful way to spend my *cough *ahem 49th birthday. A glorious day with the family, read all about it here

Here’s to the next 20% of completed challenges 😀

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You can find links to all my first set of challenges here.

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