My 100 Happy Days – Days 41-60

I cannot believe how quickly this challenge is going by,  I am over half-way and even considered changing the 100 Happy Days in challenge365 posting a photo every day for a year 😀

Must be crackers.

I am loving the 100Happy Days challenge, it is lovely trying to find something joyful in the mundane.

Here are Days 41-61

41.   Enjoying some lovely Christmas music. I recommend this playlist, it is lovely.

42.   Family start arriving for my brother-in-law’s 70th birthday celebrations. The plonk has been opened, I think it will be a lovely weekend.

43.   Family party in full swing. Happy times.

44.   Another birthday meal, this one we went out for, to a lovely restaurant just outside Haywards Heath called Jeremy’s it was absolutely superb and we shall definitely return.

45.   The Midlands and the North had snow all weekend but it didn’t arrive in the South until today! Brr. not a fan to be honest but it is beautiful to look at and very nice if you don’t have to go out.

46.   Best day with one of my great friends. Overnight trip to Brighton taking in a show at the Theatre Royal (Grease), a lovely dinner at Pinnochio’s and of course a cocktail or two

47.   After a long day shopping, it was a pleasure to go to the Swim club Christmas meal at Pizza Express. There were only 4 parents there but to be honest it is the kids that do all the work. Great night.

48.   All our Christmas brochures came back from the printers today. Happy to envelope them all up ready to post.

49. Proud of my girl! Tonight she attended a reception hosted by the Lord Mayor of London at The Mansion House. It was the 800th Anniversary Trust Awards celebrating young people and their charity work.

50. The tree is up and smells so gooood. Lovely family day. We usually get our tree from homebase but their selection was particularly poor but we struck lucky at Dove’s Barn Nursery.

51. First attempt at a Christmas cake, it is a little rough around the edges but I  am very pleased with it. Here are more details.

52. Took a day out of the challenge on this day as it didn’t feel like a happy day. In retrospect thought there is a lot to be happy and thankful for. The service to commemorate Jim was beautiful and packed to the gunnels. I burst with pride how the children managed to hold it together while serving. They were described as Jim’s legacy.

53. It was the Air Training Corps AGM tonight which also incorporated presentations. My boy got presented with his trophy from when he won the National Corp Swimming Championship (backstroke) but as a surprise, he was also awarded the Sporting achievement trophy.

54. Last day of football training for the year, the boys had great fun playing silly games and wearing Santa’s hats.

55. Been suffering today with fluey symptoms and have been able to go out. What a sight for sore eyes when hubby came home with medicine.

56. Bubbly Club Christmas party! Always good fun, not too boozy either.

57. Invited round to our friend’s house to play a Murder mystery game, I was a cook and hubby was a vicar (shhh I won’t say who did it) fantastic fun and a reminder that one of my 101 challenges it to host one myself.

58. Finally feeling a little better and more on top of things (just as well as it is Christmas Eve) shopping has been done, just waiting for our visitors to arrive.

59. Christmas Day, Christmas Day Christmas Day! A good time was had by all, this was a super gift of Polish goodies. I shall enjoy experimenting.

60. St Stephen’s Day can only mean one thing – yes, Sheila’s birthday. 86 today, we had another fabulous family day.



Over half way through this challenge now. If you would like to see what my previous happy days were you can find the posts here:

Days 1-20

Days 21-40.

Check out my Instagram feed for all the photos daily, you can also find them on twitter but you may have to dig as I tweet and retweet at random. Give me a follow while you are there!

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