My 100 Happy Days

The idea behind 100 Happy Days is simple. Take a photo or find an image of something that makes you happy for 100 days in a row. The idea is simple but sometimes the challenge is hard.

People who take blogging far more serious than me always have a camera ready. Me? I hardly ever take photos so I struggle to remember half of the time, AND of course, some days just don’t go to plan and it is tricky finding something joyful in the mundane.

A fifth of the way through I have had a few adventures. Here are my first 20 days.


1. My son won a swimming championship

2. The gorgeous Isla Jean came to stay

3. Appreciating our students’ wonderful artwork.

4. The Great British Bakeoff Final – love that programme.

5. I started my 101 in 1001 challenge (read more here).

6. Family mealtimes are perfect times – rare we are all together in the week.

7. New top CD to review (read my review for Theatre South East here)

8. Firework party with friends. I don’t like fireworks very much, but it was lots of fun staying cosily indoors and chatting the night away.

9. Planted over 150 bulbs in the garden! Hopefully it will bring some Springtime joy

10. Taking five minutes to have a gingerbread latte and work on the blog.

11. Introduced our daughter to the phenomenon that was Glee #cheesyjazzhands

12. Christmas Cake all baked – thankyou Mary Berry, just need to ice and decorate it now.

13. Boots all polished for the 2017 Remembrance Parade. Didn’t even have to polish them myself, all done by my lovely two air cadets.

14.  A simple thing like getting our loft door fixed makes me so happy. The door has been dangerous for so long and now is much safer and secure.

15. A fabulous gala in Bexleyheath! Realising afterwards that this was another of my challenges ticked off. Not what I imagined but a completion all the same.

16. Yet another of my 101 challenges ticked off. I opened a recipe book at a random page and cooked whatever was on it. Luckily it was simple and delicious, thank you Jamie Oliver. Blog post here.

17.   My gorgeous talented daughter receives her Silver Duke of Edinburgh certificate.

18.   A trip to one of my favourite theatres to see The Kite Runner (read my review for Theatre South East here)

19.   A new recipe all the way from Africa – Babotie. Interesting flavours and textures. Very easy to make.

20.  Yippee, started the Christmas shopping – well, bought the advent chocolates.


So that is the first 20 days, only another 80 to go! It is great seeing joy in little things. Have a go at 100 Happy Days yourself and let me know how you are getting on.

Check out my Instagram feed for all the photos daily, you can also find them on twitter but you may have to dig as I tweet and retweet at random. Give me a follow while you are there!

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