Dear Friend

I am so sorry that I don’t see you as often as I want to. Our lives are so busy and with 150 miles separating us, it is really difficult to make our paths cross. But you are one of those people that when we are together the years slip away and it is as though we are never apart. I saw you this week and it was so amazing, we could have chatted forever.

I have seen you twice this year (Feb and Dec) which is a record in recent years. We spent our high school years together and kept in touch while you were at sixth form and I was at college. We were 19 when you moved away, and it felt like my right arm had been ripped off. But we kept in touch by phone(years before the internet and smartphones) and I came to visit you each summer or whenever I could.

Remember the summer you came away with me and my friends to Majorca? My oh my what a week of ups and down that was. I was so glad you were there. My rock!

I was the witness at your wedding, godmother to your firstborn and then it was my turn to move away except I chose to travel 6,000 miles away, so it was impossible to visit. The next time we saw each other was at my wedding 5 years later. I was so privileged that your daughter was one of my beautiful flower girls.  

Since moving back to the UK 16 years ago we have only seen each other a small handful of times. Not for the want of trying, the problem is we lead such different lives. I am at heart a city girl and you live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by endless fields and animals that need looking after. It looks such an idyllic life, but I know that I couldn’t live your life with your workload. You are amazing, you have adapted to your country life as though you were born into it. I am full of awe, I could never live without my town conveniences and luxuries. I am as weak as you are strong.

I miss you so so much, and it is only when we talk that I realise how much. Now I have seen you again, I am full of resolutions to meet up more regularly, it really can’t be that hard, it only took me two hours to get home. Our husbands haven’t seen each other in 20 years and our children are strangers. I know I have made the mistake in the past expecting you to come here but I know that it is up to me to make the effort, you find it impossible to get away and it is even harder for you now with your eldest children not at home. But I will make more of an effort. I will not take years again.  

I miss you so.

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