A simple hello is always nice.

It is a while since I have done a ‘Dear Friend’ post. They are the sort of posts I write when I find it difficult to put into words what I would like to say to you in person.

Dear friend.

I am and always have been a social butterfly. I love spending time with lots of people but close friends are without a doubt the best! The kind of friend you could talk to about absolutely anything, you can stay up all night drinking, chatting, laughing and putting the world to rights. You know everything about each other and you would do anything to make the other happy.

The best kind of friend.

A friend you can spill your heart out to. A friend you can pick up the phone to and it was as if it were yesterday. A friend who can remember what you spoke about last time you saw each other in person or spoke on the phone.

You were that kind of friend. We were in each other’s pockets for years, but life got in the way and everything shifted, now all you know about me is my filtered Facebook life, I am betting you don’t even know this blog exists.

I have had a bit of a year, I wouldn’t want to repeat 2017, don’t get me wrong, some amazing things have happened but some shitty things too. You know what they say…when in trouble you know who your friends are.

You didn’t ignore my time of need, you didn’t even know about it.

In nearly 50 years an individual has many friends who come and go, school friends, college friends, work colleagues etc, it is nothing new, life moves on. So it seems a little unfair that I am singling you both out. I am sorry about that, you have obviously moved on. No crime in that, at all. I am pleased for you, honestly. I am just disappointed that you don’t think I am worth keeping in touch with after all we have been through together. I miss you. I reach out to you and there is always an excuse.  I try and smile through it and be understanding but as you know, or knew, I don’t deal with rejection very well.

Do not get me wrong, I have moved on too, I have many friends, far and wide, I have some that are close too, I guess I am just greedy because I want you too.

I guess I’ll keep trying.

Lots of love

Sammi x

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