My Plastic Free Christmas #2

Yesterday I posted (with the help of Friends of the Earth) 6 ways that I am working towards a plastic-free Christmas. Here are another 6 ways based on their suggestions. Even if we all just do a little, it is a little more than we were doing before.

Thanks to Friends of the Earth for pointing out this fabulous article as well.

#7 Ethical Gifts.

When sourcing Christmas gifts this year I have tried to be more aware what was on the label, and not wanting to harm the environment and the people who make them. Really tricky especially when the lists and requests came in, just try getting eco-friendly computer and gaming stuff… but, I have done my best.

#8 Gift an experience.

Now this is a tricky one! In principal it sounds great, just a piece of paper for Christmas, but when you drill it down it is not so easy. Many of the experiences involve activities that damage the environment, driving planes, helicopters, racing cars. Luxury spa days are all very nice, but it doesn’t say on the experience websites what products they use. Meals and days out are very nice. My personal favourite were walking tours but they don’t suit everyone.

I HAVE gifted one or two experiences this Christmas but I must admit I am not sure how environmentally friendly they actually are.

#9 Bee Saver Kit

What a lovely idea – I know JUST who to get one for πŸ˜‰ I missed the deadline but it doesn’t matter.

#10 Buy wine with corks.

This taught me a thing or two. I had assumed that buying a screwtop was more ethical due to it being metal and recyclable however it turns out there is more plastic in a screwtop and I should be uying biodegradable corks. Please tell me where to get wine withouth the plastic tround the neck though.

Yep boxes of beer is the way to go and don’t forget to cut the rings if you do get any.

#11 Make your own nibbles.

Yes yes yes, who has that amount of time. I try… but as stated above, I make, they disappear. The other issue I have is all the packaging all the ingredients come in. Maybe it is better to buy a ready made packet, in the factories they will be buying the ingredients in bulk.

#12 Plastic Free Veg

Whenever possible I go to my local Greengrocer for all my fruit and veg, everyone takes their shopping bags and he fills them up, using paper bags if necessary. If I go to the supermarket I do try to pick unbagged produce, or take my own bags back. It is a working progress but if a lot of people do this it will work out .

So there you have it, mostly fails but certainly I am far more β€˜plastic-aware’ than last year. By next year, I shall have it sussed…or not. To be plastic free is a struggle by no mistake.

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