After 5 weeks of Lockdown

At this point in the lockdown I am not sure that being a ‘busy’ person is a blessing or a curse. I am the sort of person who never gets bored and I always have a never-ending list of things to do. During lockdown my lists have been out of control. A few things have been ticked off but not half as many as I would have liked.

I am currently trying to work in the mornings and tick off my ‘to-do’ list in the afternoon however the time is racing by so fast that I am concerned that the lockdown will finish before I am ready.

It is like a blessing that I have been given this time to catch of on 5 years of pending tasks. I know it is not as easy for others. People with young children, less space and those with health concerns to name a few.


A few seedlings have sprouted and parts of the garden have been de-weeded. I have read two (yes two books!), I am watching some online theatre and sorely missing the real thing. I chat to friends regularly on zoom and am enjoying listening to music that I haven’t heard in years (ten points for guessing the genre).

My pastime over the last two days has been going through 100s and 100s of photos. There are boxes and boxes of them and so even putting them in year order is tricky. So many memories and so many people we have lost touch with. It makes me more determined to get in touch with friends old and new.

I have been looking at my 101 tasks to have only completed 40% of them in 3 years is fairly disappointing Particulalry as I wanted to beat my previous total of 60%. Shall I aim for half by the end of July when my time is finished?

Gee, I have just read my last up date after 3 weeks. It seems that not much has changed in two weeks….Guess that is life in lockdown for you. 

2 comments on “After 5 weeks of Lockdown

  1. Maybe we should be allowed to add the amount of time we’re in lockdown on to the end of our 1001 days? There’s no way I’ll be able to get to 60%… And I think I’m currently on about 53 completed!

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